Welcome to the internet home of Contemporary Romance Author and Poet Samara King. My stories are layered with suspense, mischief, drama and sometimes, a touch of paranormal. Where’s the fun if you can’t mix it up a little, right?  

Sweet or spicy, I enjoy writing about sexy heroes and strong heroines! You’ll find news of my upcoming releases and updates of my upcoming poetry collection, The Naked The Bare, as well as other poetic pursuits.



Every Southern belle knows how to get their man, but Noely Lamont ends up seducing the wrong Rayven brother.

She’s chosen Cyrus Rayven, the man who vehemently ignored her advances. Noely will bring him down to his knees, but then she didn’t count on meeting her match in twin brother, Coye or the red-hot passion that he ignited in her body.

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