Character Crush

Durant Kane

Undercover Agent – Enforcer

Description: Blue eyes close-cropped blond hair, tall muscular build.

Astrological Sigh: Pisces

Background: Loner, loves taking on risky cases

Story Featured: Sweeter Than This

Romantic Interest: Elle Taylor

Liam Avery

Business Mogul

Description: Tall frame, dark-brown hair

Astrological Sigh: Sagittarius

Background: Playboy use to getting what he wanted until he couldn’t have Reese. What’s one indecent proposal between former loves?

Story Featured: The Panty Affair

Romantic Interest: Therese “Reese” Simmons

Coye Rayven

Co-Owner of the Scarlet Manor/Deiwalker Vampire

Description: Honey-toned skin, long, black shoulder-length hair, dark eyes

Astrological Sigh: Aries

Background: Twin brother to Cyrus Rayven, Bad boy, indulges in every sensual pleasure available to him and what better way to enjoy his time than seducing Noely, though it’s his brother she was after.

Story Featured: Scarlet Ties: Tempted

Romantic Interest: Noely Lamont

Jordan Harris

Business owner – Wrongly Accused

Description: Six-three, dimples, nut-brown complexion

Astrological Sigh: Libra

Background: Refused to give up on the love of his life, Belle wants redemption with the woman who owns his heart.

Story Featured: Hot to the Touch

Romantic Interest: Belinda Giles

Nicolas Herrera

Head of Vega, Herrera & Associates – Security Expert

Description: Olive-toned skin, hard-body physique, rugged, and smoldering eyes.  Moves like a big cat – wild, fluid.

Astrological Sigh: Leo

Background: Natural protector, widower of his wife, Graciela.

Story Featured: Scarlet Ties: Herrara’s Temptation

Romantic Interest: Larisa Vega

Garrison Fox

CEO of Fox Entertainment and Media Group

Description: eyes, chiseled looks, café au lait skin

Astrological Sigh: Virgo

Background: Head of the Fox family and Chicago’s wealthiest – and once upon a time its – Ultimate Bachelor ntil he fell in love with Ria Phillips live on reality T.V.

Story Featured: In the Public Eye

Romantic Interest: Rial Phillips Fox