COMING SOON                                                                                                    

He moved her more
than any drumline could.

Will bad girl drummer

Play Baptiste give in to



Meet the Burnett-Amos family who prove blood is thicker than water and being a thieve only evens the score.  Xavier “Lightning Z” Amos and his long-time love Evangeline Burnett never married, however within their thirty-five year union three children were born as eccentric as their thief father and artist nomad mother. The siblings learned all their father’s tricks but have determined to go straight or as straight as their eyes can see. The Burnett-Amos siblings find that going straight doesn’t mean that love will play the same rules!

Book One –Under His Possession
TBD | Date to be set by publisher

Special Agent Veronica “Ronnie” Devers is good at her job. Dedicated, broken,  poised with her sharpshooting capabilities and equally blunt tongue. Her undercover assignments allow her to disconnect from the days and nights she was held captive and focus on putting away the bad guys.  Shielding her heart form any thoughts of happily ever after and indulging in her short-term affairs and fantasy life seemed to be working just fine, until Ronnie faces off with her new partner. Christien Amos. Sexy as hell, Sophisticated. Oh, and a thief.  His smooth , commanding presence was enough to send Ronnie’s nerves over the edge. Going under cover as a sexy madam was an act. The sensuous sensations his kiss left in its wake – was not! 

Christien Amos knew about collecting beautiful things, it was the furthest he could get from the thought of being anything like his father. But when a stolen painting is discovered by the FBI in his possession, he strikes a deal to bring down the real culprit, a long-time rival. Capturing Ronnie was on a whole other level, especially after discovering the dark secrets that keep her bound to painful memories of her kidnapping. Christien switches the tables on the alluring beauty with a game of seduction.  Setting Ronnie free was the only freedom he wanted to collect. 

Book Two – Scandalous Me 
TBD | Date to be set by publisher

When ex-jewel thief turned pastry chef, Isley Burnett Amos is seen coming out of reformed bad boy, Harper Gaines hotel room, an unknown source starts an investigation to uncover the dirt! Isley only wanted one night of inhibition. Ok, so hooking up with an ex was never a good idea.  When it came to fun and games, Isley and Cooper both knew when to walk away. Only what she experiences in between the sheets with her ex makes her feverish for more than just one night, despite her vow to be done with bad boys from her past life. When she gets a  new job as a pastry chef for one of the city’s notorious bachelors and restaurateurs Harper Gaines, Isley is determined to  turn her back on her former ways and settle into her new life once and for all.

Harper Gaines is finally ready to settle down and grow roots, with the opening of his new restaurant Onyx in his hometown he's made a good start. After settling, a very public and nasty divorce two years ago, he finally feels like the little poor boy from the wrong side of the tracks as grown into his own. A little peace and quiet may not be so bad for once. When he receives a naughty invitation by his ex, Monique while she’s in town, Harper is gamed for a little fun after a lot of work. A night of great sex has him wondering what if what he and Monique had was more than a fling until, he awakens the next morning to an empty bed and encounters Isley. The wild sensual woman who shared his bed the night before intrigues him, and is more than turned on when she plays hard to get, leaves his room and unknowingly a calling card. His business card for Onyx. 

The more time Isley and Harper spend around each other, the harder it is to resist the temptation of what they both feel.  But when a reporter drops the bomb that Isley isn’t who she appears to be will it be the end?  

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