COMING SOON                                                                                                    

He moved her more
than any drumline could.

Will bad girl drummer

Play Baptiste give in to



Samara King is the author of over twenty published novels, novellas, short stories and as well as poetry. Since her days of sneaking romance novels to the back of the library in grade school; romance fiction has been a consistent staple in Samara's world, soon after, the desire to write her own tales unfolded.  In 2011, she was nominated  for Poet of the Year by African Americans On The Move Book Club.

Samara has penned sexy tales for a host of publishers  and also self-publishes under her imprint, Crave novellas. Previously she co-hosted SoundNOff, a poetic format for poets and spoken word artists and hosted InCharacterN10, a former showcase for authors on Samara’s first poetry collection, The Ebony Kryptonite, was well received and was followed with Stripped Barefoot, a sultry mix of poetry and spoken word, which went on to reach #20 in Chicago’s Top 40 on Reverbnation in September 2013. 



  • "Which do I fall in love with first: character or plot? Characters hands down. I think that's one of the best aspects of being a writer is the characters that take over the story and soon after, your sleep."     
  • "My guilty pleasure...besides a chocolate fetish. I would have to say...dancing barefoot in my living room. There's something very freeing about partying like a rock star in your private domain." 
  • “Passion, Love, relationships, life such are the elements that surround my stories. Tales that are born out of a character’s wants, needs, aspirations or fears. They simply allow me to join them on their wild ride. Along the journey, I hope to take readers with me.  

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